~Hooping for the Mind, Body, and Spirit~

Sectional for Travel

The PolyPro hoops come apart into 1, 3, 4, or 5 sections that are not only beautiful, they are extremely portable and tough.  This level of customizability allows you to design a hoop that fits your needs and your luggage.

Practice Section

Any TrinityStarr Sectional Travel Hoops can be made with an optional Practice section.  The Practice section adds 2 inches to the diameter of your hoop.  This allows you to have 2 different sizes in one hoop.  If you would like the practice section to be a different size then the standard 2” please email us with special requests.

Polycarbonate Connectors

All TrinityStarr PolyPro Hoops use our own home made, crystal clear, ultra strong, polycarbonate connectors, beveled at the ends for easy assembly.  These strong connectors are nearly unbreakable and help the hoop to maintain its lovely round shape.

Performance PolyPro Hoops

And now you can come alive on stage!  TrinityStarr Performance PolyPro Hoops will steal the show as they sparkle under the spotlight.  Your breaks, reversals, isopops and everything in between will gain a new level of excitement as you dazzle your audience.  TrinityStarr Performance PolyPro Hoops are available in both 3/4” and 5/8” outer diameter tubing.  Try one for yourself.  Get it here!

Performance PolyPro

available in 1, 3, 4, or 5 sections!

How many sections?

1 Solid





Tubing Size

Performance PolyPro Hoops  

$45-$70 +$8 shipping

Additional International Shipping rates may apply.

How many sections?
Hoop Size (Measured from outside edges)
Tubing Size
Tape Color / Special Requests

Ships in 7-10 business days

Section 1:  Metallic

Fire Opal

Silver Sparkle

Red Sparkle

Red Mirror

Orange Sparkle

Orange Mirror

Gold Sparkle

Gold Mirror

Blue Sparkle

Purple Sparkle

Rasperry Mirror

Coral Mirror

Green Mirror

Black Crystal

Raspberry Sparkle

Aquamarine Mirror

Green Sparkle

Blue Ice Mirror

Purple Mirror

Pink Sparkle

Firefly Orb

Snake eye Opal

Atomic Bubble Gum

Blue Ice Sparkle

Coral Sparkle

Suga 4D