~Hooping for the Mind, Body, and Spirit~

About Us


Hi, I’m Ron.  I currently spend my 9-5 time working for a computer company in Cupertino.  I hold a Bachelors degree in Business Marketing and have recently completed my Masters in Business Administration.  My hooping journey started shortly after Nessia got into it,  She invited me to try it and I liked it.  Shortly after, we attended a hooping related event which included a Hoop Jam and an after party with LED Hoops.  I found that the hooping community is truly a beautiful group of people and I fell in Love.  In my hooping journey I started with larger heavy hoops, progressed to lighter weight hoops and now mostly use my PolyPro.  Every hoop that we make has at one point been the type of hoop that I primarily use.  I guess that is why we make so many kinds of hoops.  When I first experienced LED Hoops my first thought was, I have to make one.  I am a bit of a technology geek so naturally I had to apply that to hooping.  I love the process of creating LED hoops and as my hooping has progressed, so have my LED Hoops.

Hooping has affected me in so many ways.  It has given me a portal to break out of my shell.  It has opened my mind to activities like artistic creation and all kinds of movement arts.  I can actually dance now.  With Ness, I attend hoop jams just about every weekend and meet new interesting and talented people every time.  I have always been a bit of a gym rat but I have found that hooping has brought me a new kind of core strength.  I try not to encourage people to hoop only for the physical health benefits but I do feel that they are there.  Since Ness and I have started hooping we have gained a greater appreciation for health in general.  We eat more healthy meals and have become more playful.  We play just about everyday.  I enjoy letting my mind travel away from the world of work and bills and just letting myself be immersed in the movement of the hoop.  Like a focal point in meditation, the hoop helps me to look inward and to simply connect my mind to my physical senses.  It feels good.


Hi, my name is Nessia.  My hooping journey began the day I took my first Hoop class. 

When my local community center was offering Hoop Classes (the first one of it’s kind in my city), I was immediately intrigued, remembering how much fun I had as a child.  Since I have always been fascinated with movement and dance, it only seemed natural that I would gravitate towards the opportunity.  More then that however, I was in a transitional period of my life.  I had just left a great company that I had worked for, for many years to start my own business as a Professional Organizer.  With that said my life was a bit chaotic and I was in search for the balance.  Something to satisfy my physical creative and spiritual needs.

From the first moment I picked up the over sized hoop and gave it a spin I felt pure happiness.  I was uplifted, and energized, my mind was quiet, I was focused.  From the start I realized that hooping had a direct connection to our higher consciousness enhancing our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.  I had become hooked. 

Not long after I began hooping I set out to make my own hoop, it seemed like a natural progression since through out  my life my friends and family can regularly quote me saying “ I can make that”.  So of course, I did.  To my surprise, what I found was making hoops was just as meditative as my time inside the hoop.  I have always loved colors and the emotional psychological influence colors have on mood and well being.  So one of the things I loved the most about making my own hoops was color pairing.  Each hoop is constructed with extra attention to detail.  My hoops became art not just the tool that is used in my practice.  

Almost immediately after I began crafting my own hoops the students in my hoop class were placing orders.  It made me happy to create unique and beautiful hoops for others.  Now our hoops can be seen all over the world.  

Currently I am teaching Hoop classes in my community, organizing and producing hoop events including Hoopcamp and Cirquecamp. Ron and I try to get involved in as many ways possible spreading the good hoop vibes, educating, teaching, and crafting.  My love of hooping has transformed from a fun hobby into a life calling where my goal is to touch as many lives as possible through the art and spirit of hoop dance. Hooping has empowered and improved my life in the most incredible ways.  It is the portal into self transformation, healing and connecting with your higher self.  I have become more confident, self aware and creative then I ever imagined I could be.