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Hoop Guide

Choosing Your First Hoop

Welcome the wonderful world of Hooping!  We are very honored and excited to be a part of the amazing journey that lays ahead for you.  Choosing your hoop is a very important step in this journey.  If you start with a hoop that is too small, you may find it much harder to pick up new moves.  If you get one that’s too big, it may limit the types of moves you can do.  All TrinityStarr hoops are custom made to order, so you can have it made to be just right for you.  Lets get started!

Update:  We now offer the Journey Hoop.  There is no perfect formula to determine the perfect sized hoop for you.  Fortunately, the Journey hoop adjusts to a wide array of beginner and advanced sizes to meet your needs along your hoop journey.  Not just the very beginning.  Check it out here!


Now that you have your hoop figured out.  Here are a few steps to making your Hooping Life better.

1. Don’t be shy.  It isn’t uncommon to be uncomfortable with hooping in front of people.  It’s ok if you want to learn a few things in private before your unleash your hooping on the world, but try to overcome the shyness and get out to the park, or music festivals, or wherever you want to hoop.  You might just find other hoopers this way.

2.Find your hooping community.  There are Hoopers almost everywhere.  The easiest way to look is with social media, such as FaceBook or Meetup.  Search for Groups that are in your area and join them.  If you cannot find Hoopers in your area, you just might have to start your own Hooping Community.  When you go out to hoop, bring extra hoops and encourage others to try.  Recruit your friends too!

3.Go to a Hoop Retreat.  Hooping retreats are a great way to make new friends, and be inspired.  There are so many Hooping Events that we couldn’t even try to list them all.  We will try to keep a list of our favorites on our Events page here.

4.Keep up with current events.  We recommend that you frequent the website, hooping.orgThere are daily articles, featured videos, and photos to get you even more excited about your awesome new hobby/passion/obsession.   :)


Where to get it

The Journey Hoop

6 Hoops in 1

Can be made into

32”, 34”, 38”, 40”, 42”, 44”